Friday, 4 November 2011

Crawling from my mind are....thoughts!

I am mentally drained. This morning I studied for my political science class for two hours. I went to school, sat down with my coffee and water, and opened my text books. I am a persistent, thorough reader and let me tell you, chapter six was incredibly long. I think I strained my eyes though...and I got a headache from reading the small fine print. Next time I will wear my glasses instead of contact lenses. After I finished reading, I rewarded myself with a yummy jacket potato topped with chicken, sweet corn, and bacon. Afterwards, I had planned to come home, shower, eat some more, and head out to a museum.

But instead of showering, the Russian dude and I helped our host mother with cleaning the pantry. There were pantry worms in it and she has a terrible phobia of worms. We took turns vacuuming the pantry. But first we had to take everything out, throw away containers, cereal, spices, bottles, just everything literally. It's ridiculous the amount of food we had to throw away. We tried to find the source of it but after a few hours we were still mystified. The Russian dude had to leave by 4:00 pm, and by then, we still couldn't find it. My host mother and I kept finding worms. And so finally, I lifted the shelves of the pantry and there it was. My host mother was petrified. I grabbed the vacuum, took the shelf off, and shoved the head of the vacuum into the corners of the pantry. I stripped down the pantry, vacuumed the corners and wiped it down with disinfectant solution. The fumes from the solution made me light headed. I'm still feeling a bit light headed. But it's all taken care of! My host mother thought I was an expert. She was worried about the worms crawling out of the vacuum bag and I suggested that we vacuum dirt to suffocate the worms. She was like, "You think that will work?" I gave her my full on detailed explanation how dirt will suffocate the worms and then trap then in there and then there would be absolutely no exit for them. We decided to vacuum the ash from the fire place instead of dirt and I reassured her that it will work just as well as dirt. I vacuumed a large portion of ash and told her that should be enough. She looked at me and was like, "okay good." and then I laughed. and then she chuckled and said, "i don't know why i think you're an expert." and it's as if she read my mind or something...because I was thinking of how I have no idea if dirt or ash will even matter.

Afterwards, my host mother and I drank some tea and ate some British pastries. We talked briefly talked about Amber's birthday, about the Russian dude who likes to embellish on everything, and finally about the kitchen itself. We sat at the table, looking at garden and ambient cobalt sky. And I thought, oh London.

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